Our History

Our Founder

In 1986, our founder, JC Edgar Wylie (1951-2020), saw an opportunity to create a company far better than the primitive credit card processing company he had worked for in the past. The industry needed a company anchored by a service-driven, family-like culture—and thus, American Bankcard Processing Inc. (now ABTEK) was born.

Over the years, JC was very conscious of the evolution in the payment industry—from the influx of electronic payments in the 1990s to the increasing security concerns of the 2010s. Under his leadership, ABTEK worked diligently to stay at the forefront of changes, while maintaining and growing the culture set forth by JC decades ago.

Today, although JC is no longer with us, he remains a core part of the ABTEK family. We will never forget the joy JC felt when seeing his projects come to life—he always excelled at pushing potential, and was truly a pioneer in our industry. He asked dynamic questions to provoke a different style of thinking and had a very analytical, technical mindset. A small golden statue of Sisyphus sat on his desk, reminding him, and everyone he worked with, to keep going, don’t stop, even when you’ve reached the top.

It was this foundation, built by JC, that catapulted ABTEK into the successful technology company we are today, and will continue to help us pave the way as a leader in the payment industry moving forward.