Abtek University

Disconnect from the Fakes and reconnect with the Facts.

At ABTEK University we provide to you the tools and resources to navigate the credit card services industry. ABTEK is fighting a daily battle against enticing low rates with expensive fine print, and armies of slick ‘say-anything’ sales forces. Our University is a collection of resources to expose the tricks helping merchants navigate the credit card services world. Use our tools and resources to get started as a merchant, to avoid pitfalls of the industry and to switch if you are unhappy.

We believe that transparency breeds credibility.

ABTEK's value is in the leveraging, sharing and implementing of our deep, rich and textured knowledge of credit card processing—which is in our DNA.

What Every Merchant Should Know

Our hope is that the fine print, gimmicks and impossible enticements are dispelled.

PCI Compliance 101

Failure to comply with the PCI standard is risky for your business’s bottom line.


Solutions to common questions we frequently receive from our customers.

Welcome Packet

Most up-to-date documents related to your credit card processing.

Terminal Guides and Support Links

Gateway Support Links and Terminal QRG's.

Interchange and Other Fees

Card Brands latest interchange categories and rates along with per occurrence fees.

Get Started

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