Connecting the dots for Merchants since 1986.

The needs of merchants has grown from just one stationary terminal to a complicated suite of software, services and hardware. Our passionate staff of credit card experts guide everything from mid-size businesses to large multi-nationals through the application, selection and customization process to a perfect-fit solution. Whether in a store, or on the cloud, stationary, or on-the-go, we have the technology and know-how to support your growing processing needs.

The areas that we are experts, include the following:

Retail / Restaurant

Positioning to allow the transaction to take place without the consumer loosing control or sight of their credit card.


Proactive monitoring of online payments so you don't lose sales.


We are able to integrate our credit/debit card processing into most any point of sale software.

Institutional / Government Agencies

Streamlining the acceptance process and minimizing costs of acceptance.

Affinity Partnerships

Abtek offers plans of compensation to the group based on the numbers of members and volume transactions.

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