Thinking of changing your phone service to VoIP?

A few things you should consider before the switch.

Before you make the switch to VoIP consider how it may affect not only your credit card terminal but your fax machine and alarm system as well.

The codecs used by VoIP devices have been designed to compress voice, not the analog signals sent and received by modems. Most existing credit card machines operate with a dial up modem which does not work well over a VoIP connection. Some users have had varying degrees of success using a credit card machine over VoIP, but are using older machines that transmit at much slower speeds. Others have had almost no success especially when the modem communicates to do its batch processing. Just because you don’t have a problem right after conversion to VoIP, does not mean all is well. Although VoIP service is great at voice communication it is not suited for transmitting data.

Please contact us for terminal solutions that use IP connection before changing your phone service.

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