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My friends,

I feel it is only fair to warn you about what we have learned about our so called competitors in the credit card processing industry. What we have seen should be criminal! We have seen merchants conned into changing processing companies by the illusion of savings or the hysteria of equipment being out of compliance.

Many of the sales people who are out on the street were trained at a one day conference and they were taught predatory selling methods. These "trunk slammers" as we call them create hysteria by telling people how much they are overpaying and that they are at risk of paying thousands of dollars in penalties for using equipment that is not compliant. These high pressure sales reps often offer deals that must be signed that day in order to get the great rate., Merchants then find themselves locked into an equipment lease and end up paying ten times as much as they should for it. Then the first statement arrives and instead of finding the savings they were promised, they find additional fees that were never disclosed to them and an outrageous cancellation fee when they try to get out of the contract.

We have had many merchants fall victim to these predatory sales tactics. When you are approached by a sales rep and presented with an offer of savings, please call us at (248) 623-4430 so that we can review it with you. There are many pricing platforms that companies use and some are very complex, making it difficult to evaluate cost savings. We believe in full disclosure of fees (see May Newsletter). ABTEK has been a pioneer in this industry, being in business since 1986 and has the expertise to help you make wise business decisions. I invite you to call me personally when you find yourself in this situation.

JC Wylie, President
ABTEK Financial

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